Friday, 28 March 2014

Project introspection – and few pics to make it interesting!

With an exhibition of Fashion in the Street now imminent, it seems it might be time to look inwardly somewhat and discuss the process, intent, feelings and ideas coming from the project.

Beginning as a way to continue making use of connections made when organising fashion workshops for students, this project has quickly grown, way beyond my initial expectations!

Throughout the entire process I have never ceased to be amazed, impressed, pleased and largely humbled by the fantastic response I have received from the models involved, as well as the passers by I stopped and asked to be photographed.

Without exception, every model who has been a part of the project has been helpful, keen and enthusiastic to be involved. This continues to surprise me. So many nice people to work with!

Passers by too, surprised and pleased me with their response to being asked to have their picture taken. Over the whole period, I can only think of one occasion when someone said no. And they were very pleasant in doing so. Many paused for conversation and became interested in the project, or were just happy to spend a few minutes being directed to turn one way or the other, or wait a moment while I checked exposure and grabbed another image or two.

But, it's the models who have been a part of the project that have really allowed me to build and develop the body of work from a vague concept into the form it takes now.

Whilst street fashion photography is often a document of what is being worn on the street at the time, with local residents and passers by featuring mostly, this project took on another angle. With the models choosing their own outfits, and being in charge of their own hair, make-up and styling, the images have become a statement of them and their own personality and style as much as it is about my own interpretation of the style, the scene and the overall aesthetic.

By allowing this additional "unknown" factor into the work, it has progressed and developed in a way of it's own, rather than being prescribed by myself as the artist.

I become aware of the unknown and random factors early in the project and have allowed them to work in my favour, as much as possible. As well as the models being their own stylists, I haven't heavily scouted the locations used. In many cases just hoping that they would be interesting, or busy, or unusual. Some locations were returned to, but the variables of time, crowds, lighting and different models, outfits and reactions to these has allowed for the creation of imagery which wouldn't have happened with prescriptive planning and preparation.

Always, my primary focus has been on the photographic aesthetic. Sometimes the models, or style appear to fit the environment seamlessly, other times there is an obvious clash or miss-match. In many ways this comes from the personality or style of the models. Sometimes it is through my own choice of location or lighting. In all cases I'm looking for a visual feast. Backgrounds and lighting are as significant as the models and outfits themselves.

During the course of the project, I also became aware of a number of themes which seemed to be developing. As these became more obvious and successful, I began to work them into subsequent shoots to make sure there were more images to fit the themes developed. In many instances these themed images have become more visually successful than the prescribed "hero" shots from the original concept of the project. I have incorporated the most successful themes into the exhibiton, but retained the key images for the large prints and bulk of the body of work for presentation.

So, whilst the project is called Fashion in the Street, it is not so much about the street fashion of the time or place, but about how an individual can interact with the street environment through their fashion. Through their own choice of outfit, of style and of attitude. For there is no doubt that every model from Fashion in the Street, has had their own sense of style and their own special attitude!

I'm personally changed as a result of this project. More confident as a photographer, more aware of style and fashion, and the degree to which it can influence peoples perceptions of themselves and of others. And, most assuredly, more connected now with a wonderful group of people who work in or aspire to work in the industry of fashion. Also, now, I am more open to people who just want to be a part of something fun, interesting, successful and well done. I certainly am, and I look forward to doing more successful projects with many like mind people.



  1. Love it! How exciting :) Not to mention the confidence you are giving the models in the process.
    We loved our "fashion in the street" day.
    Leanne and Tahlia

  2. Hey, thanks Leanne & Tahlia. It was a pleasure to work with you both.