Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Behind the scenes with the new co-writer Nadine

On Monday the 2nd of March I got to spend my first day both modelling and talking to Brian about Fashion in the street. My name is Nadine, I have been modelling for two years now and i'm also an aspiring journalist.

Mondays session in the city was all about relaxation, finding simple things, working with them and meeting new people.
My style as a writer is more to do with the background and experience of whats going on.
Telling a story.
I hope to add a new and exciting element to Fashion in the Street!
More to come from my day in the sun spent with Brian.

But for now here's a little BTS snapshot of myself at a cute little cafe I found hidden away in Canberra city.

Story's, modelling shots and more BTS to come.

Nadine xx


  1. Thanks for your lovely help Nadine. I look forward to working with you and seeing your take on Fashion in the Street.

  2. And... a big hit spike following your first post, nice work Nadine!