Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Welcome and briefing

My latest project is partly personal, partly professional development and hopefully, lots of fun!
But, to give me some guidance, and keep me on track a little, I thought a brief would be a good way. Much the same as I might give my students.

Brian’s PD Project 2013/14





Fashion in the Street

To satisfy professional development requirements, and just for fun too! Given recent activities and focus on fashion and street photography, I have become interested in this genre, and felt some personal practice in the field would be useful to keep my hand in from a practitioners point of view.

To experiment with and develop a range of work within the field of fashion in the urban environment. This will require research, trial, practice and creation of a body of work.

1.       Images should include pre-arranged models, or impromptu subjects.
2.       The garments shown in the images should convey a sense of fashion style.
3.       Development of approaches and styles should be a focus of the project.
4.       Working with others, either pre-arranged or impromptu, is essential.
5.       Display or publishing via a blog style interface during development is also required.
1.       Initial capture onto CF cards
2.       RAW files to computer after each session
3.       Selected images edited and sorted to collection
4.       Selected images posted to blog and/or FB album and shared with participants
5.       Printed files of selected images for exhibition (once body of work substantial enough)

Due date
1.       Blog active and fleshed out before end of semester 2 2013 (29 November)
2.       Exhibition date to be advised (2014?)







Standard Brief
1.       Street fashion ala “Sartorialist”, or
2.       “Fashion in a crowd” with model, or
3.       “Fashion in a crowd” candid, or
4.       Urban street scapes with model, or
5.       Urban street scapes with figures, candid.
6.       Natural lighting to be used
7.       Supplementary lighting, if any, to be with reflector or small on-camera fill, only.
8.       Refer to reverse of page for some generic examples of style application

 I've started a Pinterest board for inspiration and refer regularly to the Sartorialist's website. Both linked in the brief.
Standby for images postings!


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