Thursday, 4 June 2015

Comparisons – models & passers-by

As a part of my Masters Studies at the ANU School of Art I'm using aspects of Fashion in the Street to investigate new directions and ideas.

This has lead to an interesting comparison, side by side placement of images created with models next to images of passers-by.

I pose some questions at the bottom of the pairings, but include them first for your consideration...

Should these image pairs be analysed? Should I compare the similarities and contrast the differences? Point out the matching poses, or contrasting outfits? Similar shoes, or complimentary handbags?

Questions to be asked might be; Is the passer-by more “model-like” than the model? Could the model pass for a candid passer-by? Was this image posed? Did I ask this person for their photo? How did I meet them?
Perhaps it is enough to allow the viewer to consider these issues as they see them, in a context that means something to them? And, without the pretext of the surrounding circumstances, as I see the possibility that the exact circumstances of each image are not obvious to the viewer as a key issue in the question of reality verses mediated construction.

I'd be interested in your ideas...


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